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loupe shield with superior Ventilation, Large slots in the visor deliver excellent ventilation resulting in reduced shield-fog and heat build up.

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  • Adjustable Visor : Extends 5 1/2" to accommodate any size loupes and lights combined.
  • Superior Fit : Lightweight with adjustable headband.
  • Superior Ventilation : Large slots in the visor delivers excellent ventilation, resulting in reduced shield-fog and heat build up.
  • Patent Design : Provides comfortable, adjustable, flexible and crystal clear vision with anti-fog coating.
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Included in Package:

  1. Main frame with adjustable head band.
  2. Adjustable visor.
  3. Pin.
  4. Two thick reusable clear face shields.
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Why Choose Us?

This is a patent design that extends 5 1/2" inches from the forehead to accommodate any size surgical loupes to protect your face and your equipment from splatter and droplets. This is a customized shield designed for medical practitioners, surgeons, nurses, veterinarians, dentists, and dental hygienists who work with loupes and light or only loupes. The face shield is made to be comfortable, simple to use, and durable. Read more....

Clear Shield (10pcs) $38.99

Clear Shield (20pcs) $73.95

Clear Shield (30pcs) $107.95

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